We offer the IPTV services might be also well classified in the main 3 groups:

1.) The Live media and the Live television, with and without any kind of the related interactivity;

2.) The media which is Time-shifted: such as catch-up TV which also replays the TV show which was also broadcast hours and also the days ago, with the start-over TV and also replays latest TV show from their starting;

3.) We also offer the VOD which is known as Video on demand here you can also browse and check the items in the catalogue of stored media.

Our IPTV service, specifically distributed by service provider offering iptv server subscription, it delivers the option of live TV programs as well as the on-demand video. Our IPTV streaming server or the system might also be used for providing the video content over the specific private network in the enterprise, even though such kind of implementations are also quite less common as compared to the subscriber-based models because of the complexity as well as the scaling issues


Is IPTV really an effective mode?

When you buy iptv subscription, our IPTV content gets usually delivered over the managed as well as the most dedicated network. As it is compared with the public internet, the private network offers the network operators to high control over video traffic, by the extension, ability to confirm the service quality, reliability as well as uptime.

 However, in the delivery traditional television, the programming is also broadcast instantaneously. The accessible program with the signals flow will also downstream and viewer choose the program through changing various channels.

Our Iptv Subscription service, on the other hand, sends just one program at the time. However, our Content stays on service provider's network, as well as the only program with the customer choose is sent to residence. While our viewer also changes channel, the new stream gets transmitted from provider server right to viewer. Similar to the cable TV, even our IPTV needs the set-top box and other devices of customer-premises.